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Jodi Ramsay is an internationally accredited Passion Test Facilitator having trained with Janet Attwood's team in the USA. She is also a member of The Global Passion Test Innovation Lab. She runs in-person Passion Test Workshops in South Africa and online workshops to include the wider global community.

Together with her coaching work, she works as a Programme Manager at Mensch, a social change network that supports and helps capacitate NGOs, community, and change-leaders focused on transformation and equity for all in South Africa.

She has lived in the UK (London) and India (Bangalore) and has traveled extensively to over 30 countries observing and learning about culture and diversity. She has worked in the areas of people development,  adult learning, and HIV&AIDS education across both the corporate and non-profit sectors.  When not at work, Jodi is a mother to two boys and is embarking on new challenges in life, lead by the clarity of her Passion Test practice. She loves what she does, and wants to share this with all, to create more joy, kindness, and empathy in the world.



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What people are saying....

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I truly feel that I will be able to use it as an everyday tool to help me lead a more fulfilling life" Samantha
"An excellent, thought-provoking, and inspiring workshop - thank you." Helen

"I absolutely and strongly recommend this workshop to everyone. It has helped me immensely and I am so grateful for the change this has made in my life" Mayah
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